Mandai Wildlife Group

Connecting the world to wildlife

Mandai is more than an attraction. It would like its visitors to look beyond the appeal of cute animals and recognise its efforts in conservation and sustainability, which is no mean feat.

As its retainer agency, Tate Anzur provides strategic counsel and support for communication efforts across Mandai Wildlife Group’s various functions - from publicity of the parks, to driving branding campaigns that amplify its role in doing good for wildlife and the planet.

Following Mandai’s rebranding efforts in 2021, we joined forces with the Mandai team and its creative agency to conceptualise, launch and publicise its first ever islandwide food trail and web-based game to reach out to a younger audience. Through the tailored publicity efforts that emphasise creative and impactful outreach, we  helped to build positive perceptions for the brand and inspire more to join in the race to take action for our planet.

Media and Influencer Relations

Campaign Development

Creative Ideation

Event Planning and Facilitation


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