KAWS: Holiday

Bringing art and cheer to masses in the midst of pandemic gloom

Joining forces with Hong Kong-based creative studio AllRightsReserved, Tate Anzur provided strategic counsel and led the media publicity efforts for the launch of KAWS:HOLIDAY – a public exhibition that brought art to the masses, most significantly during the gloom of pandemic when many public events were kept on hold.

Mapping out a series of announcements, teasers and product drops, we not only drummed up excitement for its Singapore showcase, but were also challenged with the unexpected crisis of addressing court injunction orders and a temporary pause to the showcase. The team sprung into action with strategic counsel, managing media queries and providing timely updates to the public through press statements.

Through it all, Tate Anzur managed to garner widespread local and international publicity and more importantly – rallied even stronger support and positive sentiments across media and public stakeholders alike to wrap up the show on a high.

Media and Influencer Relations

Crisis Communications

Event Planning and Facilitation


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